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Monday 30th July 2012

More Positive Feedback

Hello Ian,
I have been more than pleased with the Stairaid.
It has enabled me to access the top floor of my home, something I had not done for many years. I now have plans to convert the room into a home cinema so I can watch a film whilst doing my physiotherapy.
I had congenital knee defects resulting in knee replacements as a teenager, now at fifty my knees are decorative rather than functional and my hips have gone too plus I have paraesthesia and arthritis.
A suitable stair lift was practically and financially out of the question and I have a use it or lose it mentality so the Stairaid was an obvious choice.
I have been able to pull myself up on the sturdy Stairaid handgrip and it is handling very well even with my not inconsiderable weight.
The hand grip bar gives me great support and is easy to slide and lock into position, essential for me especially going down the stairs, as I have never been able to do so properly.
I recommend your product to anyone needing that extra security when climbing stairs and the wonderful personal fitting service you provided was very professional and tidy.
Yours sincerely,