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Monday 9th July 2012

StairAID receives OT approval

Something we at StairAID have been seeking is OT approval of the system. It's an important inclusion for us, because with the OT's being the ones out there in the community, we wanted to get, not only their approval, but their support. Senior OT, David Gullifer has been good enough to make the following comments:
"The Stair-Aid provides a secure and functional support to an individual who requires extra support on the stairs, especially coming down the stairs when the loss of balance is more likely occur and cause more severe injuries. Allowing safe access allows the stairs to be used as a form of daily exercise for people with reduced mobility. Estates services can install the Stair-Aid as a rehabilitation aid at home, which can then be removed and re-used for another client. The Stair-Aid also worth considering as a therapeutic aid within the rehabilitation ward or treatment area. In the home, I would highly recommend considering Stair-Aid before a lift facility for safety, independence and exercise, as well as cost effectiveness".
David Gullifer
Occupational Therapist (HPC OT39619)
StairAID are very pleased to have this approval.
Ian Morgan
Business Development Manager