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Monday 2nd July 2012

StairAID improves quality of life

During NAIDEX, Mr & Mrs Osborne from Tamworth visited the StairAid stand. June had suffered several mini strokes and unfortunately had problems with her left side as a result. They liked the concept and had decided to purchase one immediately at the show. June was reluctant to have an electric stair lift installed and until now, didn't realise there was another option. We have since been to their house and installed the unit on their wall. Mr Osborne said " Its fantastic, its the first time in years that June has been able to both go up and down the stairs without my help. Its really changed her life and mine. We didn't think there was anything else out there to help us, we didn't want an electric stair lift installed and as soon as we saw this at NAIDEX we wanted it. If its helped us, it will certainly help others too ". StairAid has now proven to be a great help to improving peoples life at home and helping them maintain there independence. We are now working closely with distributors all over the UK, Ireland, France and Spain. NAIDEX really allowed StairAid to launch into the market place and helped individuals realise there are other alternatives available. Here at StairAid, we are very conscious of peoples needs and strive to help anyone who requires that little bit extra help in their life to stay active and independent in their own home.  I would like to personally thank Mr & Mrs Osborne for allowing us to use their names and comments regarding the use of StairAid and how it's effected their lives. Ian Morgan Business Development Manager StairAid Email: Tel: 07830 393085