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Wednesday 2nd April 2014

StairAid Offers More Than Just Support, It Offers Freedom In The Home

We at StairAid are extremely pleased to have been able to help Vikki and her family, Vikki had these comments to offer:
" After almost a year after I had my legs amputated , I met you and your 'life saving' stair aid ! We had spent months worrying about how I would manage to finally get up stairs to bed, and after sleeping downstairs in the living room for 10 months I was desperate to get back to some kind of normality ! I also wanted to regain some sort of independence and be able to ' do ' things for myself ! As you know we live in a small cottage with a narrow steep staircase . Which made the usual aids obsolete , luckily my occupational therapist remembered reading about your 'magic' stair aid and although it wasn't particularly designed for what/how we wanted it for , she phoned you . Thank goodness she did !! You arrived to view the staircase and to talk to me about it and see what I wanted from it . For the first time in almost a year I had hope , for that reason alone I can't thank you enough! The thought of FINALLY sleeping in my own bed , of choosing what I wanted to wear , of being able to get up the stairs unaided whenever I wanted was amazing ! You came and fitted the stair aid in less than an hour with the minimum amount of mess and fuss. I remember you showing me how it worked by demonstrating that it would take your weight with ease . Your enthusiasm and knowledge of your product further reassured me that it / I would be safe , my husband was also very reassured that I would be safe to use it without his help and that our 11 year old ,who was bound to want ' a go ' would be safe in doing so . As much as we were glad to listen to your advice , I couldn't wait for you to leave so I could try it at my own pace. I do of course mean that in the nicest possible way haha .
As dramatic as it sounds , the stair aid has given me back my life ! I can finally get around my house as and when I please , I can access the upstairs of my house for the first time in 11 months . All this and it's safe and reliable , I use it knowing it's not going to break , it's a simple device but so very effective . But more importantly it's given me back my freedom and independence and that is priceless!
We as a family are so very very grateful to you for answering all our questions, no matter how silly they were , and giving us great confidence in the stair aid , and for giving me ' a life ' again !! Thank you so much Ian Best wishes Victoria , Scott and Bethany Marks " 
We are very proud of what our product did for Vikki and look forward to helping many more people.