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Who is StairAID for?

StairAID is a non-powered device to help people climb and descend stairs. It has several advantages for people who wish to remain active in their own homes, and it is much more affordable than the initial purchase price and running costs of a powered stairlift.

It also has applications for recuperation, exercise and confidence building for people who have suffered short or long term leg or back injuries.

The StairAID is perfect for children from any age, and as they grow the StairAID be repositioned to suit there new height, equally as they become more confident the the handgrip can be simply removed for a later date if required.

As StairAID is much more compact than a bulky stairlift, and as the handgrip can be removed when not needed, it has applications where other people use the same stairs such as in communal stairways in flats or offices and other places of work.

It is also suitable where there is a door immediately at the top or bottom of the stairs, and as it does not require the same amount of fixing points as a very heavy stairlift it is attractive to landlords of rented properties as when removed it does not leave behind much sign of having been installed.

StairAID can also be used externally, perhaps on the steps leading up to an older property or a steeply sloping path. Unlike an outside stairlift, StairAID does not need expensive insulated external power supplies. It is made from aluminium, powder coated steel and plastic and will not corrode, nor does it need lubricating.

The handrail is usually specified in mahogany, but the manufacturers can supply handrails in Stainless steel for external use.

Advantages of StairAID:

- Provides exercise, motivation and independence.

- Gives you control over your life and promotes a sense of well being.

- Helps injured staff back to work sooner in an office or workplace.

- Can be installed where stairlifts can't, such as narrow top stairs.

- With handgrip removed, StairAID blends in like a normal banister rail, perhaps when friends visit.

- Restores self esteem. Removes stigma.

- Above all, gives you the freedom to choose your own home.