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Welcome to StairAID

StairAID is a mobility system which has been invented, developed and made in the UK (Cornwall) specifically to help people climb the stairs in their own homes.

It has particular advantages for people who wish to remain as active as possible but need a little assistance, rather than for people for whom a powered stairlift is the only solution. It is considerably cheaper to purchase and install than a stairlift, even a second hand one, and has no ongoing repair or maintenance costs. 

What you get is what you see in the photographs on this website: a mounting board which supports the handrail and a specially designed enclosed toothed strip, and the handgrip which slides along the handrail and locks into the toothed strip each time you move up or down the stairs. The handgrip can be easily removed at any time, leaving the attractive backing board and handrail.

The handrail is usually made of mahogany, but other materials are available such as stainless steel for external use.

The makers of StairAID, Crichton Manufacturing, have a lifetime of engineering expertise and have used this experience to make StairAID strong, robust, practical and above all affordable. Cost: POA, please call the office for more information.