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How does it work?

The StairAID handgrip slides easily along the hand rail, up or down the stairs. Unlike similar systems it does not use mechanical friction to grip the handrail when weight is put on it, so it does not judder or stick when being moved.

As the bottom of the handgrip is moved outward by just 3mm, it disengages from the toothed strip below and can be easily moved forward the desired amount. When it is returned to its upright position, it re-engages securely in the toothed strip, preventing further movement and can be pulled or leaned on.

The handgrip is two tiered both for greater security and confidence, and to provide a variety of hand hold positions. A higher grip is more secure coming down from higher steps, a lower one when climbing up, for example.

Click on the image below to see StairAID being demonstrated at Naidex