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Is StairAID easy to install?

StairAID can be fitted by a competent DIY handyman. However, for complete peace of mind we recommend that you use one of the qualified local installers that are available through our dealer network (see Purchase section on this website) or a qualified local builder or handyman.

Does StairAID require any maintenance?

StairAID is a mechanical system and has no complex gears, motors or electronics like a stairlift. Providing the wall fixings are checked from time to time for tightness and no excessive wear on the handrail has been formed, your StairAID should last a life time. The hardwood handrail can be waxed to maintain its appearance.

Can I try before I buy?

Several of our authorised dealers have a demonstration unit installed at their showrooms. Please call the numbers listed on the Purchase section of this website to check availability. Additionally the maker of StairAID, Crichton Manufacturing, has a StairAID system installed at its factory in Callington, Cornwall. Please call the number at the top of the page to make an appointment to try it out.

Does the StairAID handgrip come in different colours?

The standard colour for the handle is ivory, but a variety of colours are available at an additional cost, such as bright yellow where visibility is an issue. Please ask your local distributor or contact the head office for a price.
All colours are extremely hard wearing as they are applied a s a powder coating. Powder coating is a thermoplastic powder applied electrostatically, and then baked to form a tough, flexible plastic skin.

If I move home, can StairAID come with me?

StairAID can be moved to a different height or premises by simply unscrewing the wall fixings and repositioning it at it's new location. We recommend this work is carried out by a competent handyman or general builder or one of our own recommended installers.

Does StairAID work on curved stairs?

StairAid has been designed to work on straight internal or external stairs.

Does StairAID have a maximum weight limit?

StairAID has been tested and certified to with stand a maximum vertical load of 20 Stone (127 Kilograms).

Can the StairAID handgrip be removed when I have guests?

By simply removing the end caps from the hand rail the handgrip can be slid off. Care must be taken when replacing the unit to ensure location into the toothed rack, and the end caps must be replaced to avoid the handgrip sliding past the end of the handrail.